Bra Accessories

Tailor your bra with our bra accessories. Here you find bra accessories for comfort, like bra extenders, so your bra can fit you as good as possible. And bra accessories for styling, like our Crossback Bra Clip, so you can modify your bra to fit certain outfits. Wear them alone or use several at the same time, it’s up to you!

  • Crossback Bra Clip

    The little clip that makes a big difference! Our Crossback Bra Clip stops straps from showing and slipping. Just attach to any standard bra to secure straps in the middle of your back. Ideal for tricky tops and dresses. Reusable. Each package contains 2 bra clips.
    SEK 59.00
  • Clear Bra Straps

    Have it all with our Clear Bra Straps! These transparent straps offer invisible support, and attach to most strapless bras. Made of high quality silicone, they are adjustable for the perfect fit. A must have to maximize your styling options. Each package contains one set of bra straps.
    SEK 49.00
  • Bra Extenders

    You deserve a better fitting bra! Customize your bra’s fit with our Bra Extenders. Instantly add more hooks to make your favorite bra more comfortable in less than a minute. Multi pack of 9 pcs contains 2 and 3 hooks in white, black and nude colors.
    SEK 119.00
  • Low Back Strap

    We’ve got your back! Our Low Back Strap is the perfect styling tool for low cut backs. The clear straps easily hook onto your regular bra. An essential for low backed dresses and tops. Each package contains one low back strap.
    SEK 99.00
  • Push Up Pads

    Transform your look with Freebra Push-Up Pads! Get an instant lift and fullness with these high quality silicone pads. The material moulds to the shape of your bust for a natural fit. Works with all bras, even bikini tops (they’re waterproof!). Reusable and one size.
    SEK 199.00
  • Shoulder Cushions

    Take some weight off your shoulders! Our Shoulder Cushions stop straps from digging into your shoulders, giving you a more comfortable fit. They also secure straps, preventing them from sliding down your shoulder. Made of 100% high-quality silicone. Each package contains one set of Shoulder Cushions.
    SEK 99.00